Sheri Hobbs

This industry has been my passion since I received my license in 1988. I’m always striving to improve my craft. I have traveled over the years to learn from a few of the best in the industry. I’ve attended Vidal Sassoon cutting Academy in Toronto and Chicago. Martin Parsons Academy in Toronto, Canada specializing in hair design techniques, formal event, and styling classes. I have  trained with American crew for men’s hair cutting, and Bumble and Bumble razor cutting.

This career has allowed me take part in my clients special events, weddings, family portraits, engagement pictures, school plays, school pictures, holiday parties, events, and vacations.  With the opening of our new salon, I look forward to the events ahead and the new people I will meet. 


Doris Ostrander

“Excellent work! My cut, the ability to {read} my hair; Sheri is helpful with her responses to my questions. Reliability in customer satisfaction”

“I receive compliments on my attractive hair cut from strangers often. Sheri prescribes specific products for my hair and shows me how to use each one.”

Linda Kurtti

“You always make me feel special when I’m in your chair and so pretty when I leave. “ “When I decided to color my grey hair I was not happy with first try, you were willing to spend time to tweak the color so that it met my expectations. I’m sure the problem was that I wasn’t clear about what I was envisioning. I’m not a risk taker but you have given me the courage to try new things.”Linda Kurtti

Mary Jo Blasius

“Sheri worked me in her schedule last minute to get my Makeup done and formal style for my husband’s Holiday party. I looked and felt like a queen.”

She showed me tips to create fuller hair as my hair is fine/thinner. She has guided me to the correct products to improve the condition of my colored hair. “

“Sheri showed me how to make her delicious Baklava. My family loved it over the holiday.”

Tom Busard

“You are always on time, in 5 years I only had to wait 1 time”

Jill Workman

“I always feel welcome, enjoy my appointment both personally and professionally. I have had many compliments on my hair, I’ve even heard “your hair always looks perfect” I’ve had people surprised my hair color isn’t natural . I know my hair will always look professional and well-groomed as long as Sheri is my stylist. The knowledge and training she has acquired over the years and continues to pursue is what keeps me coming back. I’m confident the hair products and styling techniques Sheri recommends will help me to look my best”Jill Workman

Ginger Erickson

21 years ago I met Sheri when I first moved to Novi and I have trusted her with my hair care needs ever since! She has made me look and feel my best—- during every day life as well as special occasions. From doing my hair and makeup on my wedding day, making me look great for personal and professional photographs to changing up my style whenever I get bored…Sheri has always listened to my needs/concerns and delivered. If you are looking for someone who cares about your satisfaction and works to earn your business —-Sheri is your girl!

Ginger Erickson

August Grebinski

“Sheri is very friendly and professional, she makes sure my hair color is consistent, always on time, no surprises after 10 years or so.”

Rebecca Powrozek

“Sheri is Amazing! I wouldn’t go to anyone else. My wedding hair- I thought I wanted to wear it a certain way but Sheri encouraged me to try something different that would better suit my gown .I looked beautiful and received so many compliments on my hair that day, all because of Sheri! Sheri has given me the confidence to wear my hair different, she has helped my hair become healthier. I also have a better hair color than before seeing Sheri.”


What a terrific salon that we have the good fortune of being opened here in our neighborhood! I am thrilled with the salon, thrillled with my color and cut, and highly recommend them to everyone!

Janet Beam

“I Always receive a great haircut and terrific color. Sheri is very good with color, friendly and accommodating”

Nicole Scott

“My overall feeling of my experience with Sheri is Great! I like how she colors and cuts my hair. I always like to come see her chat with her.”

Terese Anselmi

I LOVE Sheri and Authentic Hair Design! Sheri listens to what you want and also provides her professional recommendation. The salon uses natural sustainable products that make me feel good about coloring my hair and the environment. The bonus is Sheri is an amazing person and the salon is beautiful!

Dominik Kudzma

Sheri’s my go to. I do not trust anyone else anymore 😂

Susan Lynden

Awesome salon! So cute – Sheri is wonderful.

Laureen Foley

I just went to Authentic Hair Design yesterday for the first time. At the start of the appointment Sheri took time to talk with me about my past hair styles and products that I use. I have curly hair and she did a wonderful job cutting/shaping it and explaining other products I could try. Thank you!!

Michael Anne Hoftner

“I find you very willing to work with my busy schedule and find a way to fit me in for those last minute emergency’s that come up. I feel you listen to what I want and are always gracious and willing to correct anything I’m not 100% satisfied with even though that doesn’t happen often.”

Jill Workman

I LOVE this salon! Sheri is my go to girl for hair! She is educated and talented in cuts and chemical processing. The salon is wonderful, because each station is separated (love that). The shampoo chair cradles your head so you don’t feel as if your head is strained backward. There are comfortable areas to wait and to process. They also offer beverages and light snacks. The salon decor is rustic, yet warm and appealing to both men and women. Nicely designed!

Brook McKnight

“I won’t trust anyone else with my hair. Sheri has done all of my formal event styles she creates a unique and beautiful hairstyle each time with just looking at an inspirational picture and my dress”

“She has given me tutorials and lots of beauty advice including makeup tips. Sheri has given me friendship over the last 12 years- she’s like a second mom.”

Dominik Kudzma

Sheri’s haircuts are so good that I will never trust anyone else to ever cut my hair… ever….If I ever move out of Michigan you can bet Ill be making my way back around very frequently.

Dominik Kudzma

Georgia Photsios-Applebaum

Sheri is the best!!! I always feel like a million dollars when I leave her chair. By the way, Authentic Hair Design has the most comfortable hair washing sinks around town.

Saveta Lynch

“Sheri is my hair Doctor. I Love my haircut and color and always feel beautiful when I leave the salon. I receive many compliments from others and they always ask where I get it done. Sheri’s hair transformations always makes me feel like a million bucks. She is my hair doctor!”

Alina Henry

Sheri is amazing!!! My color, cut and style is on point!!! She nailed exactly what I wanted!! The salon is amazing! The look and good vibe feels make you want to hang out even after your service is done!!! Can’t wait to go back!!

Ruth Cryderman

“I LOVE MY HAIR STYLE and the interest you show in my concerns-from hair, hair color, or the new car that I purchased. The events that effect my life. Also, I enjoy your dog pictures and deer stories.”

Mary Nichols Crause

I went to see Sheri for some root color and then highlights last week upon a glowing recommendation from a friend. I had been coloring my own hair for the last year and a half and I needed a change. Sheri picked my color based on my skin tone and eye color and I totally love it!!