Authentic Formulas

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Authentic Formulas is a line of multipurpose products full of natural ingredients and formulated to use on the hair, face and body.

One product, a multitude of uses. Skin, face, hair — there’s only one solution that can enhance every inch of your body. Akin to the natural remedies used to treat everything from scrapes to household spills, an Authentic Formula solution is the only beauty product you need. Nutrient-dense and full of benefits, a little goes a long way with these treatments.

Davines Authentic Formulas oil and nourishing
All Authentic Formulas products are extra gentle, flawlessly cleansing, moisturizing, protecting and nourishing all types of hair and skin.

Depending on the individual needs of your hair and skin, you can build a custom routine of Authentic Formulas products. Their multifunctionality lets you streamline your beauty regimen, since you can cleanse and protect your hair and skin with the same products in the line.

Authentic Cleansing Nectar is a gentle way to clean all hair and skin types — follow with the Authentic Moisturizing Balm for a hydrating and healthy boost of moisture.

For hair and skin in need of deeper replenishment, try the rich Authentic Butter or the protective Authentic Nourishing Oil.

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